Monday, May 12, 2014


I Suffocate,
Lips part,
and all my mind can think of,
is the seduction of it.
Poison flows in and out my lungs
accumulating in the corners of my brain
And all I'l wonder is
if glistens on my skin..
What is wrong with me?
I scream,
hoping to add another jewel to my crown.

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
the Bastille guy croons, fueling my confidence,
not that I need it.
That song always played
on a loop,
a loop of my misunderstood mistakes.
Or am the only one who got it right?

*Scoffs echo*

Who was that?
I turn around searching through the haze
Eyes struggling to focus
as fog settles over the trees,
the woods are getting darker than they ever..
"Inside the smoky mind of the perpetually high"
David announces
as my face flashes on the television screen
and text runs across a 32 inch strip.
Tilt my head, cross legged on the barren floor
Perhaps watching myself will help,
and I get lost in her eyes again...