Friday, October 19, 2012

Heart Burn

I have wasted a million lives roaming around this arid abyss searching for what might only be a sign, a lie, that says everything will be alright.
I haven't found a moment of rest or peace
Or perhaps just too much of it.
To the limit that I feel a certain sense of unrest that captures my system and makes me feel like I'm trapped within my own body, like I'm arrested within my own being and I've swallowed the key. And I'l think of those mental men I used to see on TV. With hair quite like mine and eyes just the same. And beyond this make up and mascara I probably look as insane.
I want to Scream and run, run wild, like the beast within me. But these hushed voices and timid walks attempt taming my spirit. Can I feel it begin to break?
As the land slowly turns to dust and disappears,  running slowly inwards towards my feet pulling into oblivion without letting me .
Without even getting to light something on fire as I explode.