Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of Cyanide-Like Nectar...

My Heart is like the wind tonight,
Cold and damp,
for a second, almost still,
as I watch fire rush down my veins,
onto my fingertips,
and turn into wisps of smoke,
fading into oblivion,
like a faulty firecracker.

“Potion for your chills”, the Glass Beckons,
Warm, Trickling down my throat,
my demons stir, in the centre of my chest,
diminishing my brain and inflating my liver,
as I dance to songs never meant to be played.

Salivate, my Lips part,
I feel a million hands, move,
all over me, pining me down,
lifting me up,
and each holds a face, yet not one, a soul.
So I let them feed on my depleting portions,
as the filthy game ensues,
And I can’t recall the day, this pain became pleasurable.

Toes fidget as I writhe in my bed,
I hear noises in my sleep,
Ghosts pounding on my walls.
Mocking me, as they pass through my door,
Smirking as they draw the air out of my lungs,
as they Sit on my chest,
and Smack their Lips.

And I wake, gasping for breath,

“Your Alive”, the Mirror whispered
And the ugly reflection it was many yesterday’s ago,
is now an old friend.
Faint smile and accepting eyes,
we stare at each other,
two strangers on a desolate island,
with no way ahead but to fall in love,
even while they reminisce of their girl,
who etched hearts of fog on glass,
and smiled like the sun.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”
The clock is still ticking in the distance,
like a time bomb, waiting to wipe us all out,
Fearless, I’m almost dead inside,
“Were you Ever Alive?” -  A Faceless Shadow in the Dark,
I wonder,
As I lie,
awake, alone,
In the City that Never Sleeps.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frozen Hourglass...

I feel like water,
flowing into the wind.
running in circles
hollow within..

I feel like a desert,
like heaped up sand,
you keep digging up layers,
and never hit the land.

And I feel like, the world is spinning round,
and I'm still standing, chained to solid ground,
waiting to fall down,
into your arms.

The sky moves a distance,
the lone vagabond,
and I'l stare and I'l wonder,
if that was me all along.

Waiting for the dream,
Waiting for the high,
Waiting for the life that
Just passed me by,
Living for the chase,
Waiting for a home
Waiting till I realise,
I'm waiting all alone.

And I feel like, life keeps you floating around,
you can't reach the shore, but it won't let you drown,
and I'm still standing, chained to solid ground,
waiting to fall down,
into your arms.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slow Dancing In a Burning Room...

I could watch the sky from a distance
and never belong
stuck like all those dreamers
who slept too long
Id rather follow your scent, blindly
than risk not being in your arms,
and I'l hope the waves will hold me,
and tomorrow never comes.
And It's so beautiful, how your waist fits,
that groove right there,
the hand that's sliding round my hip,
the one that tousles my hair.
The fire lighting up your eyes,
the one that's circling the room.
And I'l swing as I hold my breath,
save the air that's left for you.
And we'l wait slow dancing,
in a burning room
cause I'm too scared to get outta here
and keep living without you.